Vengeance Falls Deluxe Vinyl Bundle Click for larger image

Vengeance Falls Deluxe Vinyl Bundle

Vengeance Falls Deluxe Vinyl Bundle

The Vengeance Falls Bundle here features the standard black vinyl version of Vengeance Falls as well as the standard CD. The T-Shirt included in the bundle features the band name printed over a design based off the album art. The back of the shirt features a large 'T' logo.

The poster in this bundle features a 24"x36" movie style poster for the new album.
The Pin Set in this bundle features buttons inspired by the album art.
The Bottle Opener in this bundle features the band 'T' logo.
Purchase of this bundle also entitles you to an instant download of 'Strife' and a download of the 13 track deluxe album on release day.
Vengeance Falls 12" Vinyl Album  
Vengeance Falls CD Album  
Vengeance Falls (Special Edition)  
Strife MP3 Instant Grat Track  
Silver Vengeance Bottle Opener  
Vengeance Falls Badge Pack  
Vengeance Falls Poster  

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Vengeance Falls Digital Deluxe Album Tracklisting:

1. Brave This Storm

2. Vengeance Falls

3. Strife

4. No Way To Heal

5. To Believe

6. At The End Of This War

7. Through Blood And Dirt And Bone

8. Villainy Thrives

9. Incineration: The Broken World

10. Wake (The End Is Nigh)

11. No Hope For The Human Race*

12. As I Am Exploding*

13. Skulls…We Are 138*

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